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Study Of Functional Structure Emilie Durkheim Reviewed From Educational Anthropology On Character And Behavior Society
Joni Indra Wandi, Nora Afnita, Hefni Hefni


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Emile Durkheim saw the social order of society emphasizes the
importance of consensus, harmony, and equilibrium. To emerge
the consensus harmony and equality of community
oriented should
do creating the homogeneity and cultural values aimed for
the social community order. This paper reveals the
thought of Durkheim about the theory of consensus harmony and
equilibrium based on maintaining a balance between knowledge,
moral practice reasoning with ethical values
in the society through
education. The thinking side revealed how the public
responds to changes in a dynamic culture of uncertainty with built
social and cultural functions based on functional structure theory.
This study discovers the education role in creating a moral being i
modern society and moral being in building harmonic. It balanced
with social functions through the solution to prevent and resolve
any social pathology as the impact of the negative perception from
social media. This expected explanation from this librar
y research
providing a positive contribution to character education and
behavior to the society reviewed from the anthropological
education study. The implication of this study for educators is the
importance of building character and behavior order in the
community comprehensively, kept up
to instill moral values,
virtues, honest, law
abiding, and tolerance in creating a Madani's
social life.

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